Skin Care Guide To Fighting Pollution

Although UV is the number 1 enemy for accelerated skin ageing, new research shows that pollution accounts for up to 50% of skin ageing. So proof exists that you would look younger living in the countryside compared to the city. Whilst sunscreen protects us from UV ageing, what is pollution ageing and how can we combat it? 

Particles from air pollution are thought to penetrate the epidermis to produce reactive oxygen species (free radicals with an oxygen element). These are unstable molecules that cause biochemical oxidation – because they are missing an electron, they can steal this from molecules like peptides which make up collagen within the skin and fats within the skin which also make it look plump – which leads to the breakdown of the collagen matrix and less plump looking skin. They also shorten the telomeres faster within cell replication, which can mean accelerated ageing processes.

High levels of the strongest antioxidants within products helps to neutralise the free radicals before they can do this damage. Skincare with a combination of different sizes and function of antioxidants make the most powerful antidotes: they help to combat, neutralise and prevent this from happening and so provide valuable protection against pollution damage.

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