Frequently Asked Questions


Nausheen is Asked these questions a lot. Everything varies considering the complexity and scope of the project!

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How long Will it take to go from concept to a product on the market?

Between 3 months to 12 months depending on the complexity of the project and the time of year.

can you help me find packaging? 

Yes! She has access to a variety of packaging suppliers and I can obtain low minimum order quantities on your behalf. This applies to bottles, labels, boxes and any other packaging. She can also recommend some great product graphic designers to help with the artwork you will need to provide for this.

What are your fees?

Fees depend on how complex your project is and are based on a time and materials cost that will fully discussed and proposed in advance. Additional fees apply if the scope changes unexpectedly during the project these will be kept to a minimum.

Can you make vegan and/or organic products?

Yes, before the project starts, the scope will discussed in full, including any certifications you would like your product to have. Third party certification costs may apply but Nausheen has access to some excellent quality vegan and organic ingredient suppliers.


Can you help with product regulations and labelling advice?

Yes for an additional fee. However we are not lawyers so whilst we will do our best to ensure your product labelling complies with your chosen market and your product is compliant with regulations, we cannot be liable for any resulting issues.

What are your minimum order quantities for projects?

Hopefully lower than you will find anywhere else! The aim is to be able to provide access to the beauty market for small companies who cannot afford to order in bulk like bigger companies can. The actual minimum order quantities depend on the project.

Do you test on animals?

Nausheen does not test any products on animals.


Yes of course! Small minimum orders will apply depending on what type of product is made. Each round of sampling will be charged for.