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beauty product ideas & concepts

As a creator, Nausheen thinks about new and fresh ideas that could be the next big thing in beauty every day. From application methods to new ingredients and different textures, your product idea is flexible.

sample development

Samples can be provided for marketing purposes and for you and your team to test the product out. Tweaks can be made at this stage text at an additional cost which will be quoted for depending on the complexity of the change, for example an additional ingredient.

labelling / regulatory advice

Nausheen and her team can provide labelling and regulatory advice for products and packaging to the best of their knowledge, however please note they are not lawyers so cannot be liable for any issues.  

raw materials procurement

Using Nausheen's network of trusted suppliers who provide quality ingredients that she has tested herself,  the very best ingredients can be procured for use in your product manufacture.

clinical & user trials 

Nausheen is able to assist with setting up clinical and user trials via an independent laboratory. These are critical for any product claims. The client will be fully advised of all costs in advance.

skin care,hair care,body care formulation

As a skin care and beauty formulator, Nausheen can formulate skin care products, hair care products, scalp care products, lip care products, body care products and bath products. Whilst she endeavours to create a product you are happy with, Nausheen reserves all rights to adapt a formula to ensure it complies with all regulations and is fit for purpose.

packaging procurement

Nausheen can source glass packaging, plastic packaging, plastic tubes, sample packaging, labels, boxes and more at low minimum quantities. Logos can be printed directly onto the bottle (minimum order applies) or labelled on (again, minimum order applies). Designers can also be recommended to help with logos and brand artwork for the product design.

beauty product manufacturing

Nausheen can provide manufacturing at a low minimum order quantity. The quantity  depends on the project and varies depending on the complexity of the method of manufacture of a specific product. This will be communicated in advance once the parameters of the project are agreed between both parties. Sometimes in bulk manufacture, product formulations don't behave as they do at a smaller scale. Small adaptations to the formulae may be required at this stage and fees will apply.


Nausheen can provide full safety testing including but not limited to stability testing, compatibility testing, challenge testing and safety assessments. Nausheen is not able to assist with bulk product manufacture if these tests have not been performed.