Nausheen is a skincare biochemist who has developed modern, creative, unique and successful beauty products for high-profile figures within the beauty industry.

Recognised as a world-class formulator with an unprecedented waiting list, Nausheen has broken the pattern of old formulation techniques and styles to create products that make the most of her technological expertise.

Nausheen is a pioneer of the sustainable formulations movement, which encourages brands to look at how their beauty product affects the marine environment at the end of its journey in order to prevent aquatic toxicity #formulationsustainability

Nausheen has significant expertise across every aspect of beauty product development:


About Nausheen

Nausheen is a highly-acclaimed biochemist and cosmetic scientist. Her groundbreaking products and expert advice are regularly featured in the press worldwide. Her modern approach to formulating is setting the scene for what the Beauty industry will look like in the next 50 years. She has formulated, designed, developed, sourced and manufactured for global brands for over 10 years.



Nausheen regularly gives product advice and a scientific angle on skin care to a variety of magazines, newspapers and online editorials. 

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Nausheen writes about skin care advice, product advice, skin care routines and problems, the interaction between hormones and skin, the science of skincare and more.

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Nausheen Qureshi is no ordinary skincare expert. Her unparalleled scientific knowledge means that she has a deeper than average understanding of how ingredients work on the skin .


Born out of her passionate belief that synthesised naturals can outperform many of today’s skincare heroes, Nausheen’s own formulations feature in her brand, Elequra.

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