Nausheen speaks to Byrdie about Gua Sha, a skincare movement so in season at the moment. But is there any scientific benefit to our faces and incorporating it into our skincare routine?

Nausheen speaks to the Metro newspaper about the toxicity of sunscreen ingredients for the coral reefs and mentions that it is also rising silicon levels in the sea that is being attributed to plankton blooms that clog fish gills.

Nausheen talks to Vogue about how it’s not just packaging that is causing a riot in beauty sustainability. It’s your formulations too that get washed down the sink and enter the marine environment.

Nausheen is passionate about the sustainability of her beauty formulations. Here she speaks to Glamour about how we are learning about toxic by-products of beauty products after we wash them off our faces each evening.

Forbes lists Nausheen Qureshi as one of the top women in skin care and mentions her accolade as British Vogue's "One To Watch" in the Beauty Industry.